[Fic] Crooked Timber

Title: Crooked Timber
Author: The Goliath Beetle
Rating: T
Pairing: Spain/Romano with other minor pairings.
Warnings: Graphic descriptions of self-harm (scratching/cutting)
Summary: As an artist, Lovino understands that perfection doesn't exist. If only Antonio agreed with him, and stopped trying to hurt himself. -Human (College) AU. Spamano multi-chapter with other minor pairings. Depressed!Antonio, Writer!Antonio, Artist!Lovino- TW for self-harm.

Taking Drabble Requests for Donations to the Light the Night Fundraiser

Light the Night is a fundraising walk for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. A friend's husband has multiple maloma so I wanted to help with the fundraising, but I have no car so I can't go out to get any donations. SO, I thought I'd try this:

Donate $1.00 (USD) and I will write you a 100 word drabble. Choose one or two fandoms (if requesting a crossover).

Fandoms I have written for: Hetalia, Transformers, Magic Kaito, Detective Conan, CLAMP Campus Detectives, Yu-Gi-Oh, Naruto, Transformers/Beast Wars, and Yu Yu Hakusho. (Note: I left out fandoms that I've been out of for so long I've forgotten how to write the characters.)

Fandoms I have never written but am willing to try: Star Trek Reboot, One Piece (Straw Hat Crew only, from early days), Avatar:TLA, Young Hercules/Hercules:TLJ, Supernatural.

Please specify a fandom (no more than two if requesting a crossover), character, and/or pairing. And since this is a fundraiser, I am even willing to write Het. But don't expect anything graphic. Please forward me the donation receipt (send to cheysuli.night@gmail.com) and include your LJ user name).

The Walk is on October 20. I hope to keep this going until then.

Also, please remember that I'm a college student. Drabbles won't be instantaneous, but I will try to get them to you within a week.

Please go Here to make your requests!

Thank you!
romano, hetalia

3042 CE

Title: 3042 CE

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Mpreg. Gore. Icky, yucky stuff.

Pairing: Spamano

Summary: After WWIII, mankind launches a project on the moon, project La Luna.

Plot Bunny: 12. Spain's pregnant. Due to circumstances (storm, terrorist attack, whatever) he is alone when he goes into labor and has no way to call for help. OR, the only one with him is someone who he usually doesn't have much contact with. Like Korea, or Russia. [[From kirin_saga]]

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[Selling] Doujinshi Clearance!

One last try to sell these so I don't have to lug them all home on the plane. Please read these rules carefully before making an offer.

1. A flat rate of $4 will be added to the prices listed to cover shipping/packaging rates to anywhere outside Japan.
2. If interested in a doujinshi, please comment or send me a PM.
3. All payments must be sent to angelcat9587@yahoo.com using PayPal with the buyer's address and name/number of the item included in a note. Alternatively, you can PM your address to me directly. Expect at least one week for shipping.
4. All doujinshi here are for a general audience unless otherwise stated. Please do not ask for a R-18 doujinshi if you are underage.  
5. Prices are negotiable. However, I will accept the best offer.
6. Questions are not commitments. I'm happy to answer any and all!
7. Buy more than one, and I'll likely give you a deal.



ChibitaliaxHoly Roman Empire




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Spain - Glasses

[FIC] Round the World [2/?]

Look what I'm posting, karuka_ikashi!

Also, everyone, this is the improved chapter 2! Please ignore the chapter 2 posted at Spamano exchange!

Title: Round the World
Author: kirin_saga
Recipient: karuka_ikashi
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Romano/Spain, Germany/Italy (implied)
Rating: R, to be safe.
Warnings: Mpreg

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[Selling] Doujinshi and Official Goods

I hope it's okay to post this here. I'm selling some doujinshi and a few official Hetalia goods. Spamano is my OTP, so of course, there is a lot of that, including works by conya and Ns:plus! Also, if you're looking for a certain doujinshi, let me know and I'll keep an eye out for it next time I go to the store.

To check it out, please go here: http://karuka-ikashi.livejournal.com/38738.html


Feedback post: http://karuka-ikashi.livejournal.com/38471.html